• Custom Fit Mouth Guards and their use are proven to be paramount in preventing dental and oral injuries. 

  • The vast majority of sports highly recommend athletes at any level take preventative measures to help minimize the risk of severe and traumatic dental injuries.

    Key Benefits    

Best comfort and fit
Optimal ability to breath and speak
• Minimize broken or chipped teeth
• Minimize injuries to tongue, cheeks and gums
• May reduce the risk of concussions and the long term effects
• Mutliple colors available
• Superior protection from traumatic forces

*****  Custom Fitting  available for Braces ! *****


  • 25 years experience including custom fitting for braces

  • Pro-form mouthguard material is worn by professional athletes around the world, including NHL and NFL players.

  • Largest selection of colour options

  • Mobile clinics

  • Serving, Ottawa, Nepean, Orleans ,Kanata, Manotick, Carleton Place and many 
    more surrounding communities.

Ottawa’s Elite Fitting Team!

Pro Smile Custom Fit Mouth Guards

It's not only about concussions

CUSTOM FIT  mouthguards absorb and spread the impact or blow to the face, which may otherwise result in a major injuries to the delicate jaw joint.​

Lacerations, bruised lips, cheeks and gums can result from direct impact to the mouth. The reinforcement of a custom mouthguard can eliminate "painful "soft tissue injuries.

Any sport has a possibility of receiving a heavy blow to the teeth and mouth. Wearing a custom mouthguard during athletic competition decreases the chance of chipping, breaking or knocking out a tooth.

Any impact to the head or jaw create serious injury. A custom mouthguard diminishes the likelihood of jaw dislodgement or neck trauma.

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