Athletes are 60 times more likely to suffer dental injuries when not wearing a mouth guard.

80% of traumatic dental injuries occur to the top front teeth.

50% of all children and teens will suffer at least one traumatic injury to a tooth by the time they graduate high school.

Pre-teens and teens have the highest number of sports related dental injuries.

Use of a mouth guard is essential to lower the risk of dental injuries in sports.


Mouth Guards do prevent and help minimize painful and traumatic injuries to lips, gums, cheeks, tongue. They also assist in preventing chipped, broken and knocked out teeth.

Risk factors include falling, contact from elbows, hands and arms. Contact from equipment and not limited to such items such as sticks, balls and pucks.

Mouth guards reduce trauma to jawbone and reduce injuries to temporomandibula joint ( TMJ ). Also reduces pressure and bone deformation of the skull when force is directed to the chin.

A custom fit mouth guard is necessary to ensure retention of the mouth guard in collision or contact sports.

Store bought  products tend to fit poorly and  most often interfere with Breathing, Swallowing and Speaking.

Sports related injuries account for 3 times more dental injuries than violence or traffic accidents.

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