Smilin is Stylin!

Custom Fit Sport Guards

Optimize the benefits of wearing a Custom Fit Sport Guard

When you experience a direct blow to the jaw or teeth, custom fit sport guards act as a shock absorber so that the force is distributed and absorbed throughout the appliance.

 All athletes are subject to severe oral trauma in the vast majority of sports. Amateur or Pro without exception.

  • Optimize breathing and ability to speak.

  • Leads to increased retention and use.

  • Custom trimmed, meticulously contoured and polished  maximizing retention.

  • Studies show that athletic performance is increased while using a custom fit sport guard mainly from the improved  ability to breathe..

  • Precision  custom fit mouth guards help prevent soft tissue damage , the loss or fracture of teeth where a piece of equipment or object comes in contact with a player’s mouth and teeth.

  • Protect top and bottom teeth from severe clenching which may cause fractures, excessive wear or injury. 

  • Protects the teeth, lips and gums while playing sports from incidents such as inadvertent blows to the face.